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Locations in Palma de Mallorca

Here everything is about the locations we love and recommend in Palma de Mallorca. We try to provide you with a lot of information helping out a little bit in decision making hopefully!

Portixol Bay Sunset.jpg

Portixol - Molinar

The place we are working at. And the favorite spot for everyone in our team. Portixol - Molinar, In front line of the sea, very close to the centre of Palma. A stunning combination!

Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet Windmill (1).jpg

Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet

An amazing district in Palma. In Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet you will find small tiny houses. A huge number of restaurants, bars and cafés and in between the traditional Santa Catalina Market.

Santa Catalina - Es Jonquet Windmill (1).jpg