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Molinar Townhouse Rental in Portixol

Have you thought about renting a townhouse in Portixol? Less than 100 meters from the sandy beach of El Molinarwe are building eight very luxurious condos in an extraordinary conjunction of style and quality. The best about it: you can rent one of those houses right now. And you will be able to move in in Summer 2022. Don´t hesitate too long, half of the Molinar Townhouses already have their rental contract and there is for sure nothing similar in the market.

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An amazing spot​ in Portixol

Then you can enjoy the proximity to Palma, Portixol and also to the airport. But you are in complete peace in an almost village-like neighborhood. This is exactly the reason why many people have learned to appreciate Portixol and Molinar so much for years. A wide range of restaurants within walking distance, the promenade with the sports course right under your nose. But at home, the door slams shut and everything is quiet and relaxing.


Our houses are of excellent quality. We use only the highest quality materials and build a standard that you will experience in few constructions in Mallorca. Each house has its own plot, its own patio (48m2) with private pool (9m2), a roof terrace (45m2) with sea views. The equipment meets the highest standards, materials such as authentic natural stone, real wood, high doors, SONOS music system, frameless windows are examples of the attention to detail with which we build.

countless sketches!

Design need its time

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Hier einige Beispiele zum Patio

Stay tuned how the construction site is going on. We love to be fully transparent and provide you with real world impression!

Terms and Conditions for Early Bird Rental

The rent is calculated for a minimum contract of one year. The price will be increased on a yearly base according to the official spanish price index. If the tennant leaves before the year is finished a penalty of one month will be charged. The actual rental price offers for early contracts (before 31.12.2021) you see in the picture on the right hand side.

The house will be delivered fully equipped with kitchen and furniture. Everything will be new and we expect that after the rental period we receive it in a very good condition back despite of regular usage.

We will agree on a starting of the rental contract the 1st of July 2022. If anyhow the construction or the papers we need from the authorities will be delayed we may delay the start for a maximum of three months. The landlord needs to address the delay to the client four weeks in advance. After three months the client has the choice to get back his downpayment and cancel the precontract or continues to wait and get a refund of 30% of the rental price for every full month delay after the three months.


The client agrees to pay one rent with the signage of the precontract as a reservation fee for the rental contract. The day when the keys will be handed out the client needs to have paid before on the same account 2 months of deposit. The deposit already paid will be used as payment for the first rent.

We will calculate the monthly downpayment for a house that includes the costs of consumption, the IBI and the costs of insurances. We give our clients the choice to service the pool and the plants on their own or let our maintenance team do this. The monthly costs per house will be around 50,- Euros. Once a year a maintenance for climatization and heating system will be needed what we also offer to organise for our clients. Anyhow it needs to be done so if we do not organise it we will ask for a proove (invoice) that the maintenance has been done. Depending on this we consider the monthly downpayment will be around 200,- - 300,- Euro. After a year we will make a budget and proove all the costs to our clients and refund or invoice the difference.


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