Brief history of El Molinar

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The oldest references to El Molinar date back to the 16th century. Join us in this brief history, where we reveal the historical curiosities of Molinar.

The first recorded neighbourhoods in El Molinar were: Can Pere Antoni, Es Portixol, Ses Figueres Baixes, El Segundo Molinar and Es Rotlet

El Molinar 1895 - Predator SL
El Molinar 1895

The name of this district comes from the mills, of which there were as many as 28, the first written records of these mills date back to the 17th century.

El Molinar 1920 - Predator SL
El Molinar 1920

The oldest neighbourhood in El Molinar is El Portixol, references to this neighbourhood can be found in writings from 1639. In those years El Portixol was an area of market gardens located in front of the beach where vegetables and cereals were grown, crops that complemented the diet of the first inhabitants of the neighbourhood, predominantly fishermen.

Pescadores secando redes de pesca Palma 1930
Fishermen drying fishing nets Palma 1930

El Molinar is a neighbourhood with a great seafaring tradition, which continues to this day, but we must also remember its industrial past. On 4th February 1859 the first gas factory in Mallorca was inaugurated in the area of Can Pere Antoni, 20 years later Pere Salas founded the Sa Petrolera oil refinery in El Portixol, and in 1903 the Ahlemeyer company inaugurated the first power station in the area of Can Pere Antoni. In 1918 the Compañía Mallorquina de Electricidad opened the second power station near Es Portixol and in 1921 the third power station was inaugurated between the gas factory and the first power station.

Central eléctrica GESA III Can Pere Antoni 1950
GESA III Can Pere Antoni Power Station 1950

Between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, leather tanning, the main industrial activity in the area, gradually gave way to more advanced industries, such as oil refineries, power stations, soap factories, oils, carob sugar, paper and cardboard and perfumes.

The improvement in economic and living conditions brought about by the industrialisation of the area encouraged the local residents to join together in associations such as the Club Marítimo del Molinar de Levante 1917 and the Club Nautic Portixol 1928, both of which are still active today.

On 14th August 1920 the tramway was inaugurated, linking Palma with El Molinar, which gave an extra boost to the area's economy.

Tranvía en Palma 1920
Palma tramway 1920

During the first decades of the 20th century, the tram was the main means of transport in Palma, with different lines connecting the centre of Palma with the areas of Porto Pi, Establiments, El Molinar and Can Pastilla.

The improvement of the economic conditions gave way to a new social class, which especially appreciated El Molinar as a recreational area, moving from Palma to spend the weekends in the popular neighbourhood.

Coches en el camino entre el Molinar y Coll d'en Rabassa 1921
Cars on the road between el Molinar and Coll d'en Rabassa 1921

Since the beginning of the 20th century, El Molinar has been a neighbourhood particularly appreciated by the people of Palma for their leisure time, its location close to Palma, its welcoming atmosphere and above all, the light of its sunsets have continued to dazzle all those who stroll through its streets or along its beach, in the middle of the 20th century with the development of tourism, This attraction has also been passed on to foreign visitors, which has led to a melting pot that can be seen and smelt in its restaurants and bars. Nowadays, the possibility of travelling to Palma by bicycle or on foot, the access to services and its welcoming atmosphere at any time of the year, make this a place that is particularly appreciated by visitors.

Predator SL has its offices in Portixol, every day we can enjoy privileged views and soak up the magic of this place.

I would like to thank Fotos Antiguas de Mallorca ( for their kindness in lending us the photographs for this publication.

Álvaro Martínez Álvarez

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