"LaCasa Molinar" The biggest house in the area of Portixol and Molinar.

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"La Casa Molinar" The biggest house in the area of Portixol and Molinar. Size does matter ... You know Portixol and Molinar. A charming former fishing village. With many small and cute houses. Sometimes two houses were put together. But never was there a building project with a real "official" house.

This is exactly where our "laCasa Molinar" comes in. On one of our plots, directly in front of the "Molinar Townhouses" we are currently planning a high quality and really big house. The plot has over 310 m2, the house will have well over 400 m2 of comparable living space.

Again and again we have been asked, "but is there a garage?" Or: "I need 5 bedrooms." Or even: "I need more storage space". So far we could only shrug our shoulders and not deliver a product.

Therefore, take a look at the floor plan here. It's not final yet, we're still making improvements here and there. But as you can see, we have planned features like a double garage, a sauna and really spacious living areas.

"LaCasa Molinar" - Biggest house in Portixol - Predator SL

Upstairs it continues with another four bedrooms with bathroom en suite. And again an office or studio. If the home office continues for a long time ... You will also see that we have lavishly and luxuriously left air space above the living area to create an incomparable sense of space.

Biggest house in Molinar - "LaCasa Molinar" - Predartor SL

And just look at the size of even the smallest bedrooms. You won't find that anywhere else.

Of course, the house will also meet the highest standards in terms of its furnishings. And in its technical quality it will probably be quite unrivaled.

The location is perfect. 50m to the sandy beach and the promenade of Molinar. Not 5 minutes walk to Portixol. But much quieter. If you take a look at Google Maps here, you can see the condition the property was in before. In the back part of Calle Moragues we are building our 8 houses of the Molinar Townhouse project. Before that the 310 m2 could be for you :)

Click here for the project website. There is not much there yet. At the moment the right logo is still being designed, the current one I cobbled together myself.

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