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Updated: Nov 26

Today we are here to talk about one of the main characteristics that defines us. Basically our mindset. We know that technology has changed the world in just a few years and, if you stop to think about it, what a 360º turn! Yes, 360º because in the end we will always go back to the beginnings, to what has always been there. Because let's not lie to ourselves, what has always been, will always be.

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What are we talking about?

To those things that are not pure, that are not pure essence, that imitate, that are not the real thing. We are talking about everything that tries to imitate something unique and with quality, elegance, but, at the same time, that everyone wants, for example: marble or travertine, natural oak wood, or even USM+ Haller storage systems, if we are talking about furniture. These are things that last year after year and that you would trust again and again because they transmit something to you, security, warmth, essence.

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The other day we were deciding on the material we will use for the kitchen island of one of the best properties we have. It's a unique piece of furniture design, it's not just a traditional island. But we still had to choose which material to use for the countertop. We have been studying Travertine for a few months now and we are in love with its texture, its colours and the natural shapes it creates. However, it is porous and, normally, a resin is applied to it to help cover those small pores, or an imitation of it is used. In spite of how well achieved the results are, as is also the case with marble, we are very clear about one thing: everything that comes after the words. "is imitation a....." is answered with "no".

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Beauty follows purity

The beauty of these materials is everything that cannot really be transmitted by an imitation. The warmth, the texture, the colour, the chaos in their forms due to the passing of time. It's like, in the end, that what we separated one day to make it something commercial, in the future will tell a story, as for example in wood or in a natural stone.

So, yes, we are those who want purity even in the materials and the essence of them to complete what we are looking for: a home with character, the real ones, the ones that tell stories and the ones you don't want to leave.

With this, we wish you all a good weekend.


with love and from the essence.

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