WorkinProgess 05 - Tiles & Stones & Co.

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In this WorkinProgress 05 it is all about details. How to make something good even better. And we are down to earth. Or at least on the ground that in this project consists of tiles and stones.

Magí Marqués, our architect on this project, didn't quite agree with the way the beautiful rounded edges and corners of the really classy and very special Ezarri tiles were applied. Then jumped into the pool and explained to the constructor how to do it better. Good eye and attention to detail! These really expensive italian tiles were a small drama quite from the beginning. Aina Company (the interior designer) and me chose them. But our project manager killed them because of their price. But finally we won ;)

The walls between the houses are growing. Of course, we can not close them yet, otherwise we will not get to the houses ... Finished with white hand-painted water-repellent fine plaster, they will be a highlight. At night illuminated from below with the light points embedded in the floor. The back wall will be a masterpiece of solid natural stone in Mallorcan style. That is to saw, without joints. The Mallorcans call them "dry stone walls". The stones are "simply" put together. A difficult work that only a few locals still master. In most cases only artifical imitations are seen, there are thin facing elements, which are used with pleasure. Cheap and quick to build. But we want the original.

Behind the flutter tape is the screed with the already installed loops of the underfloor heating. On top of this comes the floor covering, which the colleague in the bricklayer brings pallet by pallet from the truck to the houses in order not to damage this awesome and luxury stone tiles and the underfloor heating prevision.

In search of the right natural stone, the right surface and the most perfect shade possible, we were then still a bit on the road. Here on the left picture you see José Manuel González Ferreiro from the construction company IslaBau, Tomeu Salom, our Aparejador ("technical architect") and again Magi, our architect in this project.

So, it is going on. We are right on schedule. The construction site is full of hard workers and IslaBau is doing a really good job!

See you soon,


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