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From Predator team with love

The other day all the team got together to share everything we felt in reference to the brand, but above all in reference to who we are. Because if there is one thing clear to us from day one is that we are all one, we all think in the same words to describe our work: purity, feeling, understanding, detail and, above all, essence.

The team is mostly made up of people who have come from abroad to settle on the island, that's when the question came:

Why Mallorca?

The answer is clear, for the purity that is in itself, for its light, for the quality of life it offers. We seek to transmit in each of our projects the purity of the island.

What are we? What do we do?

Each one of us understands from the depths of our hearts the illusion of the new place, we feel the desire to bring out the best of the island through the care of the details and to give the client a new place to call home. We are friendship because we support each other to offer the best of the company and of each individual on their own. We are empathetic when deciding our new projects, we take care of the detail in our properties, the detail in our service and as the main driver: we love what we do, which is the most important thing to make sure the job is well done.

How do we get to the service?

We study in detail the location of our properties, because if something is important when you choose a new city, is to find the best neighborhood to live and make sure you are not making a mistake, and that is our first step, to know that this place is where we would like to live too. We also look for places with lots of natural light and outdoor spaces where we can enjoy a coffee in the morning before going to work, or a drink at sunset with a group of friends. These small details are what make the difference between Mallorca and other places. In the end, our job is to turn spaces into homes. We turn cold into warm.

We are a young team, with a sense of union and cohesion among all and we rely on the strongest pillars creating and strengthening our corporate culture. We turn every space into a place that transmits the essence of a home.

I hope you join us on this great journey and discover the most beautiful things Mallorca has to offer.

The Predator team, with love and detail.

The Predator team,

with love and attention to detail.

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