Help in Pollenca - cooperation with R3SPIRA

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Lorena, die Frau von Nico, bei der Essensaugabe
Lorena, the wife of Nico, at the food serving

Since June this year Predator helps in Pollenca. In cooperation with the widely known restaurant R3SPIRA, which is run by Nicola Celentano, a native Italian and truly fabulous chef!

The whole family helps out at R3spira!
The whole family helps out at R3spira!

The R3SPIRA, which, by the way, when I wrote the blog article, was ranked #1 best restaurant in Pollenca in TripAdvisor, prepares every Tuesday a complete menu for pickup for the needy families of the idyllic place. In the morning, when Nico and his wife Lorena would actually have their day off, give out the meals. Before that, of course, there is the shopping and the preparation. Nico and Lorena work voluntarily in their free time and make their kitchen available, Predator SL covers the costs of the food.

We immediately got help from the team in the town hall of Pollenca. The social worker Maria Cerda, her colleagues Maria Amgenual and David Llorens were spontaneously ready for a meeting to find a common concept for this form of assistance. We then agreed that City Hall would issue vouchers to needy families, which they could redeem with us. The families come with their own reusable dishes. And get the menu handed out according to the number of family members.

Nico Celentano, Inhaber Respira
Nico Celentano, Owner and Chef R3spira

In the beginning, when tourism was much weaker due to the pandemic, about 150 families were cooked for every week; fortunately, the number has now dropped to about 70 families.

For the R3SPIRA as well as for us of PREDATOR this project is a matter of the heart, because we feel closely connected to Pollenca. We see this action therefore not as a short bridging aid, but as a long-term support of the poorest in our midst. If you would like more information about how you can help, please contact me!

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