Is Dinosaur Tours Mallorca worth a visit?

Updated: Nov 26

The dinos are out

Is Dinosaur Tours Mallorca worth a visit? It rains in Palma in November. Not occasionally. Actually, occasionally it doesn't rain. So for all families with children, the question is: "What do we do at the weekend"?

My wife saw an advertisement for the Dinosaurs Tour in Palma and ordered some tickets online. The price per ticket was 10 euros. We arranged to meet up with a few friends at a huge empty site called Son Fusteret, where a black industrial tent stood next to a circus field.

We marched into the black tent full of anticipation. We men in particular were excited to see what was inside the huge tent.

Inside, we were amazed at the apparent absence of a ventilation system. In any case, it was nice and warm. Despite the lousy weather outside. In Corona times I would have preferred something cooler and more fresh air, but so be it! We were early, it was still relatively empty and the warmth was quite pleasant.

The dinosaurs are large plastic sculptures that are bathed in different colour schemes by powerful LED spotlights. This looks quite spectacular in the actually dark hall. On top of that, a sound designer's idea of how this dinosaur might have roared comes from the tape. And most of the models were still moving individual body parts up and down.

I have made a short film for you, so you can see for yourself:

This went on throughout the whole exhibition, which basically consisted of an oval of maybe 50 metres in length. At the end there were the obligatory riding machines, but they wanted to be fed with 3 euros per ride. Sporty. And before the exit there was the merchandise shop.

As an adult, you were "done" after 5-10 minutes, the kids found it quite funny to rummage for fossils in the sandbox and occupied themselves a little longer with the exhibition.

Did they like it? Yes, they did. Would I go again? No, probably not. Was it okay? I'll put it this way, for 10 euros a head I thought it was just about adequate. The effort behind it is certainly high. Nevertheless, I didn't get enough fascination out of it. But if you see it as a children's excursion. And don't assume that the whole day is somehow "filled", then that's okay. No more and no less.

So have fun and hopefully the rain will stop soon!


Son Fusteret, Camí Vell de Bunyola, s/n, 07009 Palma, Illes Balears

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