• Arnd von Wedemeyer

MolinarTownhouses not for sale anymore

Dear clients,

I closed some option contracts for new properties over the last weeks. A very hard time for the real estate agents and for

me, a lot of work in acquisition, due dilligence and legal issues. A big ’Thank you’ to our lawyer Gabriel Nadal Fortune, who worked some days day and night to make things happen for us!

You will see in future some very nice projects of ours in Puerto d’Andratx, Puerto de Pollença, Cala Major and Palma. I keep you posted!

Anyhow, I saw that prices went up a lot in comparison to the last ‘buying round’ we made a year ago. And I had to see, that we are not able to buy a property that is able to achieve the rent of one MolinarTownhouse for less then 1.5 Mio. Euro. So we started asking ourselves: Is it reasonable to sell two of the houses? The answer is: ’No’. This is why we will not continue selling the houses but will start in the next week a rental reservation process with some nice discounts for ‘early birds’.

So if you planned to buy one of the houses I am really sorry to disappoint you. But maybe it could be interesting for you to rent?

Anyhow what we can offer additionally is that we will divide the plot in front of this project and will sell a single plot with a plan for a really nice and big house.

Regards from Portixol, saludos!


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