The Palma Rice Restaurant Guide

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A journey through amazing Paella restaurants in Palma

The Palma Rice Restaurant Guide. When I arrived in Mallorca, in addition to falling in love with the island, I started a fascinating gastronomic route through the best restaurants and rice bars of Spanish paella.

I work as an architect, so when I started my gastronomic journey in Mallorca, I used to ask my fellow bricklayers and truck drivers, experts in good, beautiful (sometimes) and cheap roadside restaurants.

Juan Frau

Our first and fascinating discovery was a small place located in one of the corners of the Santa Catalina Market, known as Juan Frau, founded in 1965, where on Saturdays they make delicious great paella dishes for 5€, enough for two strangers from the mainland eager to know the Mallorcan gastronomic culture, at the best price.

Address: Plaça Navegació s/n 07013 Palma

Juan Frau - Restaurants in Palma -Predator SL
Juan Frau - Restaurants in Palma

Club Naútico del Molinar

Our small and modest route was enriched with the Club Naútico del Molinar, in first line of the Portitxol Neighbourhood. This bucolic restaurant, in addition to cooking one of the best paellas I have tasted in my 44 years, offers a poetic view of the small port of Molinar, and its little traditional ships, well-known as Llauts.

Portixol Harbour  - Restaurants in Palma
Portixol Harbour - Restaurants in Palma

The last time I was walking through the Molinar-Portitxol, the restaurant had been partially demolished and was in the process of being rebuilt. It made me remember how its owner explained to me one Sunday the secret of his paella, which consisted of putting it in the oven for the last 5 minutes, to make something equivalent to a granite in its upper layer.

Address: Carrer del Vicari Joaquim Fuster, 2, 07006 Palma, Illes Balears

Portixol Harbour  - Restaurants in Palma
Portixol Harbour - Restaurants in Palma


Some years later, when I started to live in Cala Major, one of the trendy neighborhoods I love the most, I discovered the Buganvilla Restaurant, located on the beach of the same name, in the Luxury Neighbourhood of Cas Catalá, 5 minutes walking from Cala Major beach, which today has the privilege of being in the first place in my particular and not objective gastronomic ranking of the best paellas in Mallorca.

Buganvilla Cala Mayor  - Restaurants in Palma
Buganvilla Cala Mayor - Restaurants in Palma

You can see the photos of this Sunday, where we enjoyed with friends a wonderful blind seafood paella, accompanied with the best view of the Buganvilla beach.

Address: Carretera Andratx, 29, Cas Catalá, Calviá

Buganvilla Beach - Palma Restaurants
Buganvilla Beach - Palma Restaurants

"María Sarmiento, you decide how the story ends."

And to finish, I recently discovered a restaurant in Ciudad Jardín, called with the funny name of "María Sarmiento, you decide how the story ends." This proverb comes from the Spanish popular culture, when parents used to tell the children of my generation when they were being picked on: "Child, you are heavier than María Sarmiento, who went to shit and took her away wind"

María Sarmiento - Palma Restaurants
María Sarmiento - Palma Restaurants

In this new restaurant, specialized in paellas of all kinds and Mediterranean cuisine, I usually recommend the paella with Iberian secret, very tasty, and the artichokes with Iberian ham. As you can see, everything very Iberian but very Mallorcan at the same time, made with love and good humour.

Dirección: Carrer de l'Illa de Xipre, 37, 07007 Palma, Illes Balears

Hope you enjoyed my little voyage through the rice fields in Mallorca!



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