Port de Pollenca Penthouse - floor plans ready!

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Remember the spectacular views from the balcony of our penthouse in Port de Pollenca? Floor plans are ready! If this is the first time you've read about it, you'll find a few shots below:

What lasts long ...

Nabil and Antoni Canaves Llobeta, the external architect we commissioned in this project, have now finished the floor plans. As usual, it took us a few weeks longer than planned. But we are very happy with the result!

Port de Pollenca Penthouse Sectional View
Port de Pollenca Penthouse Sectional View

Are three bedrooms enough?

Basically, it was about the decision to sacrifice a bedroom. And to be able to realise the cooking / living area in a really spectacular way. We wanted to be able to look out to sea while cooking. And from the living room too. But at the same time you can enjoy the fireplace. No gas. Real wood!

Mostly estate agents and also clients tell us that you want to have at least three bedrooms. So a bit risky to just give up the fourth. But we finally got around to it!

Then we made the outside stairs into an inside staircase, which just improves the feeling of going up to the roof terrace.

Before - After

You can see the difference between "Estado actual" and "Propuesta de Proyecto" on the floor plans.

And? Better than before? We look forward to your feedback!

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