Secrets in Molinars soil revealed

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Secrets in Molinars soil revealed . One of the many phases of the construction process is to conduct a geotechnical study to determine the type of soil we will be building on and adjust the construction process accordingly.

This week we accompanied the Geoma company during the tests for our elMar project. We asked the professionals what exactly the goal of the geotechnical investigation actually is:

They told us that the most important thing is to record the materials that make up the subsurface in its various layers. Only then can it be calculated whether the planned structure can be built on it without further technical measures. Based on this geotechnical model, the architect must then design a suitable and safe foundation and footing.

During the investigation, soil samples are taken at various depths using a huge drilling machine that can just be driven, and these samples are then analyzed in the laboratory. As you can see, the nature of the subsoil changes quite rapidly. We have a thin stony layer. And a lot of sand. It is therefore all the more important to adapt the foundation accordingly!

If you have any questions about the investigations or the project, please ask us:

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