Virtual Tours - Experimenting :)

Updated: Nov 26

Today Nabil and I started experimenting with virtual tour software and equipment. Our drive is to be able to transport the feeling of a property online even better for you. And we just felt like it :)

We got ourselves a RICOH Theta Z camera, which costs about 1,000 euros and is praised in all tests as a super all-rounder for photo and video. One level higher, it is much more expensive, the noble class is so between 3,500, - and 15,000, - euros. Certainly superfluous for beginners, we are more the brake than the equipment ...

Ben Claremont, a well-known YouTuber for 360 degree virtual tours, recommends kuula in one of his posts. Have immediately created a free account and also find the cloud solution very beginner-friendly and the workflow very fast. Here you can quickly "concoct" tours without prior knowledge! In the free version bothers us that you can not display buttons or waypoints. So you can include them in the tours. But then they are not displayed. Otherwise, a nice no-frills software that probably covers 90% of the usecases, while also the paid rates are reasonably priced.

Will continue to test mobile apps over the next few days. Try out other virtual tour software. And present you the results again and again.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Questions and suggestions but also criticism are welcome!

By the way: The apartment that Nabil "toured" is our latest acquisition in Palma. Beautiful interior design. High quality and as good as new! Absolutely central location in the old town, around the corner from Plaza Mayor, on Calle Rubi. It has two bedrooms and costs 1,099 euros per month. Available. If you are interested, please write a mail to !

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