What's a geotechnical study? New Project in Portixol

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Friday, 15 October we started the geotechnical study

Ventada 26 is a new project in Portixol that has finally received planning permission after more than three years. A townhouse with private pool is being built there, which we will rent out. It is in an absolute top location directly behind the first line.

geotechnical study-Potixol Townhouse
Here we go - Geotechnical study starts

The geotechnical study consists of various drill samples from the soil of the plot where the construction will take place. To examine the condition and resistance of the soil, the presence of air holes, groundwater or obstacles. It is also a very accurate way to determine the water table.

geotechnical study-Potixol Townhouse-machinery

These tastings or "witnesses" (as the spanyards say) are obtained by means of a state-of-the-art machine that perforates the ground with a hollow cylindrical pipe, obtaining samples of the natural state of the ground in all its strata at the indicated depth, where the foundation of the house and its structure are going to be placed.

geotechnical study-Potixol Townhouse-safe & sequrity
they tried to avoid damages - Portixol Townhouse

With these soil samples, which are usually 3 to 5 samples for a house with these characteristics, we naturally only get results from the respective sites, but we can statistically extrapolate it to the entire area.

We then receive the laboratory results within about two weeks and hand them over to the architect's technical department, which is responsible for the execution project, so that they can examine and calculate the foundation and structure of the house depending on the load-bearing capacity of the soil, the presence of expanded clay, the deth of the groundwater level, etc.

The GEOMA company did a good job last Friday by protecting the existing trees on the property and installing wooden boarding to prevent damage to the corten steel perimeter, lawn, etc.

geotechnical study-Potixol Townhouse
very careful guys - Portixol Townhouse

So, once again, a small step in the right direction. Building takes time. Is time-consuming. And depends on many details. But it is progressing! I hope it was interesting for you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Israel Robles

Technical Director PREDATOR SL

Architect & Senior Project Manager

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