Why Mallorca? A runner´s thoughts...

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I don't think there is just one answer to the question of why Mallorca is so special. I would like to explain here what makes it so special for me. As a passionate runner i want to share my thoughts with you!

Why Mallorca? - Predator SL
Why Mallorca?

I came to the island 6 years ago to do a 6-month internship. As I don't like the beach, I used my free time to get to know the Tramuntana mountains.

From the first kilometre I was thrilled by the light, by the possibility to climb mountains while watching the sea, by the sunrises and especially by the sunsets.

Mallorca for runners-Mallorca Views - Predator SL
Why Mallorca?

Little by little, I got to know more and more special corners of this wonder that my companions didn't seem to pay any attention to, my memory filled with images that took my breath away. I fell more in love with this treasure with every step, as if I were the only one who could see its splendour.

Run in Mallorca - Why Mallorca - Predator SL
Why Mallorca?

At that moment I was simply addicted to the Tramuntana like never before. After 5 years of living in 5 different cities, I found a place I could call home and I decided that this was where I wanted to spend my days. Never to miss this light, this breathtaking nature again. I can't and don't want to leave here.

Mallorca - Sa Foradada - Predator SL
Why Mallorca?

For me - very personal - that is Mallorca.



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