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Partition walls are in place! We choose the best interior partition system for drywall, a double board wall cladding, one of them in OSB wood, which gives the house excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics and the other one a plasterboard.

The pre-installation for electricity and climatization has started, the houses will also be equipped with KNX home automation system. The air conditioners are ducted fancoilsand work with the newest inverter system from DAIKIN using the high pressure method. Much more expensive. But more sustainable and efficient.

We also chose the specific microcement for the bathrooms finishes.

One thing we are still unclear about: Should we perhaps make the small niches in the shower the same color as the traditional shutters on the facade?

We keep you posted about the next steps in our construction. If you have any questions please feel free to drop us a mail to! Let´s stay in contact!

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