WorkInProgress 03 - Preinstallations

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And on it goes! For all of you following the construction of our townhouses, we would like to show you the technical part, the preinstallations, Discover our worksinprogress 03:

Countless empty pipes and installations will later be hidden behind the double wall layers. The Molinar Townhouses have a KNX bus system to control and monitor the house even in absence or remotely. A high quality network installation. Thermostats in all rooms to control the underfloor heating and DAIKIN inverter air conditioning perfectly and in an energy-saving way. For this high level of technology in a comparatively small house, it is important to have a very well done technical project. Therefore, in addition to architect, technical architect, we have an engineer who is only responsible for the installations. So that afterwards every cable is in the right place. And we don't lose any ceiling height because - as is often the case - each trade simply lays "its" installations across the existing ones.

Maybe a bit nerdy, but it's better to put a little more effort into the planning. Than having to tear open walls later to find the right cables ;)

I was often asked if there is a good sea view from the houses more in the back. Well the height of the houses is nearly identical, the layout of the terraces also so of course the distance to the sea is a little bit more but it is not a huge difference. But to show you a photo is more easy:

Molinar Townhouse - Preinstallation - Predator SL
Sea view from the roof terrace of a rear house

The outer shell of the pool is already in place. So in a year you will be able to enjoy this refreshing part of the patio!

WIP-Preinstallation-Predator SL
The pool is also in the making

And once again the almost final color scheme. The colors always give room for internal discussions, because our more technically inclined colleagues find all the fuss about "THE" right color scheme completely superfluous and, of course, highly endangering the completion of the construction. And the creative colleagues naturally do not understand why it is so difficult to simply implement the right color scheme.

The almost final color scheme

We are well on schedule! And half of the houses are already rented! Many thanks to our "EarlyBirds" for the great trust, we will not disappoint you!

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