Dream homes to rent in mallorca

Our largest business area is the rental of our own properties. Meanwhile we have more than 50 houses in Mallorca for rent in Mallorca, in our portfolio, which we usually rent from 12 months.


Mostly we buy properties in need of renovation with potential. And then take the time it takes to turn a dull shard into a shimmering jewel. 

Each of our properties has a special charm. There was always something that made us want to buy. And to be honest: there are unfortunately no real bargains on Mallorca.


Especially in focus we have our Molinar Townhouse project, there the early bird renting starts already now, these townhouses in the picturesque Molinar will be a dream. Reserve now your dream home with first occupancy!


Molinar Townhouses for rent in Mallorca

Holiday Rental Restart 2023

In 2023 we will again add properties to our vacation rentals, let us surprise you. Among other things, there will be two great townhouses in Portixol in the first sea line for your vacation!

Flat For rent Mallorca - la23 Portixol